Our Clinical Leaders

Dawn Bailey

Dr. Dawn Bailey

Since 1996, Clinical Director, Dr. Dawn Bailey has worked in almost every type of setting and with almost every population with whom behavior analysts are known for working, including, but not limited to:

  • Children and adults with Autism, Intellectual, and Developmental Disabilities,
  • Children and adults with mental illness,
  • Children with Emotional/Behavioral Disorders, and the
  • Families of each of these clients.

She has provided services in individual and family homes, schools, hospitals, group homes, within small and very large agencies. In addition, Dr. Bailey is the Past President of the Florida Association for Behavior Analysis.


John Borgen

Dr. John Borgen

Senior Behavior Analyst, Dr. John Borgen has specialized in the application of applied behavior analysis with children demonstrating:

  • Pediatric feeding disorders (e.g., food refusal, food selectivity)
  • Severe behavior disorders (e.g., self-injurious behavior, aggression, elopement)
  • Early intervention services for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (e.g., teaching social and communication skills)
  • Outpatient services to address behavior issues in the context of family therapy

Dr. Borgen has practiced in large center-based or university-based clinics since 2010.