About the Clinic

The Mission of the Oregon Tech BIG Clinic is to provide high quality training and supervision for Oregon Tech students in the practice of Applied Behavior Analysis such that they are prepared for employment, certification, and/or on a path to licensure upon graduation while simultaneously providing evidence-based behavioral health services to our local community. A second, and no less important and valued, component of our Mission is to conduct Applied Research to ensure that best practices are utilized for student training and client treatment and to prepare our graduates to be able to evaluate treatment data and existing research to make the best treatment decisions for their clients.

Our services embody this Mission with the following components being embedded in our model from assessment to treatment and beyond:

  • Ongoing assessment of treatment effectiveness
  • A focus on the entire family
  • An understanding of the needs of a rural and/or impoverished community
  • Preparing Oregon Tech students to work in Oregon

Why Choose BIG?

Two words: Experience and Science.
At Behavior Improvement Group, we use and recommend scientifically validated interventions to teach the skills your child needs to be successful. Additionally, our clinical leadership team has more than 25 years of combined experience working with children with autism and related disabilities.