Insurance Information

Important Information About Private Health Insurance

Our mission is to help as many individuals, children, and families as possible. You can help us do that by finding out important information about your insurance coverage ahead of time so that you are prepared when we contact you. Unless you are insured by Medicaid/OHP, you’ll need to know some very important details about your specific behavioral health benefits.

The BIG Clinic provides behavioral health services that are typically reimbursed by insurance. Behavioral health coverage is different than medical health and traditional mental health benefits.

Is the Behavior Improvement Group in your network? So that they can find us, inform your insurance provider that the Behavior Improvement Group is located at the Oregon Institute of Technology. If Behavior Improvement Group/OIT is not in your network, what are your out of network benefits?

Behavior Improvement Group provides various behavioral health services. Coverage varies depending on which you receive. Ask your insurer about each of these:

  • An initial evaluation visit
  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy

The number of visits covered by your insurer will vary depending on the specific type of service you receive.

Based on your network and coverage, your insurer can tell you your costs and payments. Keep asking until you’re satisfied that you understand the answer – you’re paying for the coverage and that’s their job! Make sure you get answers to these key questions. Talk to an autism care specialist or autism caseworker if possible, and ask:

  • What are my co-pay or co-insurance costs for my visits to the Behavior Improvement Group?
  • What is my annual deductible?
  • Is my annual deductible for individual or family visits?
  • Do I have out of pocket expenses in addition to my deductible?
  • Do I have an out of pocket expense maximum, after which I’ll have to pay the full amount myself?
  • If I have an out of pocket fee or responsibility, does my deductible apply to the out of pocket expense?
  • If you have an out of pocket fee or responsibility, does my co-pay apply to the out of pocket?


Contact the Behavior Improvement Group if you have questions not addressed on this page.

P: 541-885-1675