Waiting List

How do I get services started?

Those seeking behavioral health services for autism spectrum disorder are placed on the waiting list after completing the intake process. First, a referral must be sent to the Behavior Improvement Group. Referrals can be made by parents but they must be accompanied by a physicians’ referral or prescription for services. Click here to request an intake.

Families will then be sent a screening form to determine whether the services provided by the center are appropriate in meeting the family’s needs. If services are not appropriate, the client will be referred to another agency. If services are appropriate, an initial assessment will be conducted in which staff from the Behavior Improvement Group meet with the family to directly observe the client, usually in the clinic. At this point, one of three things may happen: the client may be admitted to the center immediately, the client may be placed on the waiting list, or the client may be referred to an outside agency.

What do I do if my child is placed on the waiting list?

In general, there may be waiting list for Early Intervention Services, however Parent Training, treatment for Challenging Behavior and Social Skills Groups typically do not have a waiting list. Families may access these services while waiting for Early Intervention Services. Pediatric Feeding Services referrals will be served based on the severity of the problem, staff availability, and physician involvement.


Contact the Behavior Improvement Group if you have questions not addressed on this page.

P: 541-885-1675
E: abaclinic@oit.edu